Cleaning & Sanitisation

– Cleaning of offices and all kinds of civil, industrial and tourist facilities
– Cleaning of glass surfaces, even at heights
– Cleaning and treatment of floors, carpets and rugs
– Sanitisation of food production facilities and production lines
– Cleaning and sanitisation of production lines in general, machinery and warehouses
– Cleaning of photovoltaic systems
– Sanitisation of air conditioning systems
– Rodent and pest control services
– Industrial laundry and linen rental services, covering a wide range of articles

Goods handling & Production lines

– Loading and unloading of goods from trailer trucks and trains
– Handling and storage of bulk and packaged goods
– Bagging and palletising of goods
– Warehouse and picking line management
– Processing on industrial production lines
– Production line maintenance
– Gatehouse services and weighing of vehicles at entrances to facilities


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