Our Story

The beginning of Apulir’s story dates back over sixty years, to 1958, when the company was established in Ravenna by Giulia Nicolini.
Apulir began to evolve at the end of the 1970s, to accommodate the demands of new customers whose businesses were operational in a wide variety of sectors, from healthcare to public transport, slaughtering and meat processing, and the production of canned and baked goods.
Having adapted its structure with new and more articulate technical and managerial figures, Apulir now partners medium and large-sized enterprises, supplying numerous services in support of production, such as goods handling, ship loading/unloading operations, warehousing, bagging and palletisation of products, through to the maintenance and management of packaging and picking lines, as well as civil cleaning/sanitation services, for offices and industrial units, i.e. factories, warehouses and production lines, including those for food, meat and baked goods.
The diversification of its activities has allowed Apulir to operate not only in Emilia Romagna but also in Veneto, and Friuli-Venezia Giulia. Moving outside of Italy’s borders, it operates in Poland (Unilever plant in Katowice) and Sudan (Hotel Corinthia in Khartoum), consolidating its experience and operational structure.
In recent years, Apulir has set up an associated company in Romania, where it currently has two offices: the headquarters in Cluj Napoca and secondary premises in Onesti.
Thanks to the diversification of its activities and to its ability to offer a whole chain of synergistic services, Apulir has progressed to the status of a large “multiservice” company, convinced of the competitive edge that an efficient and versatile organisation can offer its customers.

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